It's me.  I'm Dan.


Hello, I'm him.

I'm a writer and comedian living in Chicago.  Most recently, I was a senior writer at ClickHole, the internet's only good website.  I've published daily feature jokes in The Onion, cartoons in the New Yorker, and articles all over.  I also perform solo sketch and stand-up, and was head writer and a performer for Boy Girl Boy Girl sketch comedy.  Wow!

In the fabled past, I've been a writer for Someecards's humor blog, a contributor to Gawker's TV vertical, an editorial intern at CollegeHumor, an advertising copywriting intern at McCann, a sketch writer and lyricist for the Princeton Triangle Club, a cook, a college student, a child, and before that, a tiny softer child named baby.

This site is a collection of my work, but it's really just for you.
Here's a spread of my favorites:


I'm available—eager, even!—to offer articles, scripts, punch-up, copywriting, ghostwriting, editing, creative consulting, in-home meals, or just a warm body.